Field Trip : Welcome to Jakarta!

Friday (12th June 2015), Public Health 2nd semester students went on an English class assignment field trip to Kota Tua Jakarta (Jakarta Old Town). Their assignment was to interview foreign visitors and get their views on Visiting Indonesia, in particular to Kota Tua. Aim of the activity is to familiarize students in conversing in the English language & the benerfit gained from the hands-on is the confidence in conveying questions & understanding of the answers reverted.  

Initially the students were slightly apprehensive on approaching the visitors doubtful of being able to converse in a language foreign to Indonesian students. The students worked in a team of 2. After the 1st interview, the students discovered a burst of excitement and enthusiasm. They went about zealously practicing their English on tourist. Their target was 1 respondent each but once the ball gets rolling, some of the team managed to add 2-3 respondents to their delight. Respondents’ praise on their efforts made them exuberantly ad

dicted. In no way did the hot weather dampened their spirits. Teamwork amongst the group was good.  As many have never been to Kota Tua, as a ‘bonus’, an extra ½ hour was given to them after the assignment completion to explore Kota Tua where narcisism rules! (Katz)




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